Sunday, 15 July 2012

'If we could see secrets...'

This is my collage I created for the project 'If we could see secrets...' I produced this in early April of this year for a university project. I feel it is one of my strongest pieces of work I have created throughout my second year and will certainly be looking to produce more collage work.

We were given two words in the project, an occupation and a noun. I was given the following:

We had to show this in an illustration, so I chose the materials so that they resemble important factors. For example, I used newspaper because they expose secrets. The articles I used were about the environment, particularly oil spills as they were topical at the time. The black areas were executed with spray paint, for this a stencil was used, this representing the pollution, as spray paint is seen as vandalism and a pollutant itself. 

Influences included Derek Gores and Michelle Caplan.

Size = 270 x 210mm.

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