Tuesday, 22 January 2013


So far these are my ideas but I'm still changing my mind. They are simple colour versions which may get changed further down the line. Red and green seem to be a common combination in adult book covers that I've looked at recently, so that's what I've used so far. The text will eventually be hand rendered too.

The first is my idea for the adult book cover, the second for a graphic novel. For the first I might try collage, the second is undecided so far (although I have ink, gouache and spray paint to work with).

The blurb I have chosen for the back cover (since there isn't one in particular for the book) is an extract from the novel about how the protagonist, Holden, always thinks about the ducks on the lagoon at home and if the lagoon will be frozen over when he gets back. This is a constant thought he has throughout the story so I have incorporated it into my front covers, the first shows the silhouette of a duck flying for Holden's eye. The second the birds are breaking away from Holden's head, showing what is on his mind. The ducks scatter the air to express Holden's distorted ideas and cloudy thoughts.

So time to experiment with materials to see which is best, suggestions are welcome too!

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