Monday, 6 May 2013


These are the maps I've created to accompany the book jackets as a fold out map poster. Originally I was going to create different maps for different audiences (same as the book covers) but when I created them they were both appropriate for both targets.

I have roughly read the book to try and find where things would be on the map, and also looking at other maps of New York etc. 

The first map, to accompany the Lord of the Flies, has been shaped like a conch shell, as in the book it is an important object that represents authority. I used a limited palette of greens, executed in gouache and inks. I tried to use the same typography through this map.

The second, to reference while reading The Catcher in the Rye, is again a limited palette using only reds and greys. This has been influenced from my graphic novel cover for the book and runs as a theme, as red is a theme and the grey resembles Holden's depressive thoughts. Again I used gouache and inks. Different styles of typography have been used to emphasise different areas of New York that Caulfield visits, which have been highlighted with red ink.

Both are A4 in size.

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