Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Social Gathering...

My collage for the brief entitled 'A Social Gathering', combining all our characters from the summer project into one piece of artwork. 

I chose to do a roller-coaster out of a few ideas (including a street corner and a kitchen), because I could distort it to look disproportionate and less like an average scene. Creating it in collage also contributed to this.

The majority of the characters I created are not people that you would expect to see on a roller-coaster, and I found it very difficult to make them relate to each other. The psychiatrist and old man are looking to our left   at the soldier, who in turn is looking at the scientist. This is the main correspondence between them. I didn't change the poses much at all, they all look in different directions etc. The rabbit was the odd one out, so I made it the girl's toy that she is clinging onto.
The map in the background is not significant, although it makes it impossible to know exactly where the characters are. 

Inspired by Gary Panter and David Hockney

Size: 250 x 360 mm

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